Studio home

Studio home

My studio serves as the home base for most everything I do; from my own music to post for film, web and television to band production. The studio is roughly 700 sq. in four rooms. There are cable snakes and HearBack headphone mixers pretty much anywhere you need them. The decor is an eclectic mix of vibey, gothic antiques that give a laid-back, homey vibe to the space. My clients and friends think its pretty comfortable and its a functional space.

I have a pretty nice compliment of gear that changes regularly as I keep tilting at the windmills of high fidelity. I can also procure most anything you need for a session, so feel free to ask. There is a mini-fridge, microwave and electric kettle in the studio. I usually have a variety of teas, coffees, and yerba mate on hand.

Services: Tracking, editing, mixing, mastering, sound to picture, ADR, audio restoration, digital transfers

Rates: Contact me with details and I'll be happy to help estimate project budgets. 

Payment and booking: I accept Cash, Paypal or credit card. I don't do hourly rates for tracking, only half and whole days (4-5 hours/8-10 hours) $200/400 a day including me as engineer. All sessions must have a paid deposit in advance to reserve a date. Booking is made when you pay deposit. No exceptions. I prefer to talk on the phone or meet in person at the studio before booking a first session in most cases, just to make sure we're a good fit and everyone is on the same page. 

Cancellation Policy: You must provide notice 48 hours in advance to receive your deposit. If there is an emergency, I understand. Emergencies do not include your inability to be prepared, be on time, or any other foreseeable obstacle.

Spanner is not responsible for data storage (digital or analog) or archiving of data (digital or analog) once project has been completed. We don't have the hard drive space to store all the music that gets recorded at Spanner so it is required that you bring a hard drive to backup your data at the end of each session. If you're only doing a song or two we can provide you with a data DVD of your session. Its recommended that you store data in more than one place if at all possible and DVDs are not the ideal storage medium. Dropbox uploads, data transfer and all post-production are billed at regular studio rate.

Billing begins at time booked, regardless of whether you are present or not, and payment is expected at time of service unless other arrangements have been made. No mixes will be released until full payment has been received.

Most of the photos in the photo section are of the old studio space. New pictures coming soon!

Client List

(T)=Tracking (M)=Mixing (VO)=Voice over or video post

Actress (M)

Bob Stagner (T,M)

Buttonpusher (T,M)

Butch Ross (T)

Braxton Strickland (T,M,Mastering)

Christie Burns (T,M,Mastering)

Col. Bruce Hampton (M)

Coral Castles (T)

Coy (T,M)

Create Here (VO)

Dark Horse Ten (T,M)

Dennis Palmer (M)

El Toro De Blanco (T,M)

Fancy Rhino (VO)

Forest Magic (T,M)

Garretts Chapel (T,M)

Gerle Haggard (T,M)

Grinnin' Mules (T,M)

Hans Chew (T,M)

Heypenny (T)

Infradig (T)

Jairus (T,M)

Kelley Lockman (Mastering)

Long gone darlings (T,M)

Mark Merriman (T,M)

Matt Bohannon (T,M)

Michelle Young and Pontiac blue (T,M)

Miller Industries (VO)

Moon Slew (T,M)

Noah Collins (T, Mastering)

Racing Death (T,M)

Ryan Dixon (T)

Ryan Oyer (Mastering)

Strung like a horse (T,M)

Telemonster (T,M)

Third Lobby (Track and mix for video)

The hearts in light (T,M,Mastering)

The heroes are horses (T)

The quiet ones (T)

The Shaking Ray Levis (T,M)

The Steps (web series) (VO)

Tomas Donoso (video post)