1. Why Spanner?

    A spanner is what the English call a wrench. It’s a simple machine, but damn it sure is useful. Also a spanner is a thing that, well, spans. Like a bridge. Spanner makes connections and it tightens up what’s coming loose. Spanner is working class and we're all about seeing a solution rather than a problem.

  2. Should I be expecting to hear British accents when I come to Spanner?

    No, but I do like Peter Sellers and several of my microphones are said to have belonged to a friend of a cousin of Lemmy from Motorhead.

  3. What is mastering and why should i worry about it?

    Mastering is the final step in the production process. Its where the stereo mix is processed with peak limiting, compression and equalization. This is generally when the track is brought up to maximum volume and treated so that your mix will translate on all speakers and stereo systems. While I will provide you with a mix that sounds great, I recommend professional mastering services for major album projects to achieve the absolute best sounding final product. Its great to send the masters off to a fresh set of ears to give the mixes a good going over.

  4. Who is Charles Allison and what is he on about?

    I'm just this guy. I make tons (literally) of music and I care a lot about how it all works, technically and creatively. I spend most of my waking hours, and probably some dreaming hours, thinking about how things sound and why. I grew up as an army brat all over the world and that informs my musical tastes greatly. In short though, I like earnest music. The kind that makes you really feel. I aspire to always make that kind of music. I generally only work on projects that excite me. If its not a good fit creatively, I may pass on certain projects for the sake of all involved.

  5. Where is Spanner?

    I'm in Tennessee but I work with folks all over the world through this crazy thing called the internet.

  6. How can we exchange tracks and sessions?

    There are a multitude of ways to send information back and forth through the internet and its ever changing. I'm always on the hunt for better ways, but currently I use Dropbox. I'll create a folder and invite you via email to share it. If you install Dropbox on your computer it will tell you whenever i've added new files to it. This way we're linked up pretty tight. It works great for delivering mixes and revisions.